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Boxholm steel
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Boxholm Stål AB was established as a limited company in its own right in 1984 and is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Boxholms AB. (Other companies in the group are: Boxholm Ost AB, Sonoform AB and AB Alvenius Industrier). Boxholm Stål AB was before a part of Boxholms AB, a company whose iron working history goes back to the 18th century.

Boxholm Stål AB specializes in producing cold drawn steel bars. Head office, drawing plant and central stock are located in Boxholm in the south east of Sweden and employ about 80 people.

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The total capacity amounts to approximately 50 000 annual tonnes. The main part is delivered to Swedish engineering companies, but Boxholm Stål AB also exports to other European countries.

BOXHOLM STÅL AB is the largest manufacturer of cold drawn steel bars in Sweden.
Our standard range comprises:

3-100 mm ISO h 9, h10
General engineering steel S235JRG2, S355J2G3C
Engineering steel, leaded EN14APb
Free cutting steel 11SMn30, 11SMnPb30, 35SPb20
Carbon Steel E295GC/C35E

5-70 mm ISO h 10, h11
Free cutting steel 11SMn30, 11SMnPb30, 35SPb20
Carbon Steel E295GC/C35E

5-70 mm ISO h 10, h11
Free cutting steel 11SMnPb30
Key steel according to SS 212190

Width 20-100 mm
Thickness 5-50 mm
Max. area 6 500 mm²
ISO h 10, h 11
Key steel according to SS 212190
General engineering steel S235JRG2

Special profiles
Max. area 5 000 mm²
Stock lengths Free cutting steel ~ 3 m
Kaysteel ~ 3,5 m
Flat steel ~ 3,5 m
Stainless steel ~ 3 m

Engineering steel
5 - 7 mm ~ 3 m
8 - 10 mm ~ 4 m
11 - 100 mm ~ 6 m

Cold drawn bars in other steel grades, dimensions, lengths and tolerances can be supplied to order, including special profiles. If we do not have the particular bar you need in stock, we will be happy to discuss the possibility of making it for you.

Boxholm Stål AB can also offer you precision cut bars and blanks. In addition we can supply heat treated, chamfered, faced and centred bars. As a customer of Boxholm Stål AB you are more than welcome to share our wide experience and knowledge of cold drawing and customer service.

Quality Control - Quality Assurance The quality control can include crack detection, ultrasonic testing, testing of mechanical properties and chemical composition. The quality system of Boxholm Stål AB is certified according to the SS-EN ISO 9002 and QS 9000 standards by Det Norske Veritas.

Boxholm steel
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