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I don't know that bot: Cooper

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I don't know that bot: Cooper

Say, Talk => <= Type text

Anything you chat can and will be used against you.! ;-)

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Google Suggests! I am feeling lucky!
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PoesPoes roares!
nekst txt is varible depnding on gogle corectnes
Google says, Did you mean => next text is variable depending on google correctness!
and ofcoerse depnding on yuor inpoet => Google says, Did you mean => and of course depending on your input!!
search test
Search History of Google

The future of the Search Engine
The almighty all knowing artificial brain
Their way to acquire ‘their’ data: 
Google Books, Patent Search, Scholar, Maps & Street View, Earth, Translate, Finance 
and now even Newspaper (archiving the history of all possible print newspapers).
For some insight into the implications of their machine eventually having in its ‘intellectual possession’ 
virtually the entire history of humanity’s books, newspaper, scholarly academic papers and so forth, 
consider the statement from a Google Factory Tour guide: “We are not scanning all those books to be read by people" 
"we are scanning them to be read by an AI (Artificial Intelligence Computer).” 
The point is proven in the fact that they’re scanning the entire books whether or not the entire contents will be browsable online.
whe are Storing your interests and respond to that.